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Filtered has hosted and supported local artists for the past 4+ years and we are excited to share more about our newly enhanced gallery and FAM – Filtered Artist Membership program. We have friends, patrons and cultural enthusiasts from a vast number of backgrounds and locations come in and enjoy our many forms of art over a warm craft beverage.  


Meet our Filtered Art Members (FAM) below!

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Sam Rogers


“I try to create visually stimulating images in whatever medium I am working: painting, photography, printmaking. We spend most of our lives communicating and thinking verbally. More attention needs to be given to influences that can be transmitted only visually or tactilely. Much ‘information’ about the world cannot be expressed by strings of words or other symbols.”

SAM ROGERS (aka, James Samuel Rogers) grew up on a farm in Nacogdoches County, Texas and acquired all of his formal education in the public schools and universities of Texas. Along the way he received degrees in mathematics and biology. After graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin he joined the biology faculty of the University of New Orleans (UNO), where he remained for thirty-three years. (He and his wife, Jerry, raised two daughters, Susan and Kristen, in New Orleans, a very interesting, and sometimes unsettling, experience.) Over the years, never really having decided what he wanted to be when he grew up, he developed a desire to pursue creative efforts in some area other than science. This eventually lead to a noncredit class in drawing at UNO and classes in drawing, painting and photography at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (a non-degree-granting institution). He probably would still be pursing these interests in New Orleans but for the intervention of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which sent him and his wife back to Texas. After residing in Nacogdoches for a few years, they moved to McKinney to be near their daughters (who had come to North Texas for college and remained) and their two grandsons. Sam eventually discovered the Art House in Mckinney and began studying acrylic painting with K. D. Hafley, which he continues to do. He later began learning the art of printmaking with Lynne Hubner, and continues that as well. This unorthodox path to becoming an artist has had its high points and low points, but he is determined to continue.

Brandi Mieger



Brandi is the sole proprietor and photographer for Live Beautifully Photography. Her passion with photography began at a young age; however, she only just began

shooting professionally in 2018. She had always just seen it as a hobby she enjoyed, but once she realized how much love it gave her and how much others expressed their love for her photography, she decided to expand it to the next level.

After losing her father in 2016, she began to see life and pictures differently. Photography was a love they both shared, but hers never fully came to life until this heartbreaking reality. She began noticing things around her that people generally take for granted and putting them in a different perspective. She tries to capture detail and depth that tells a story through the lens.

Brandi is a local McKinney, Texas resident since 2000, where she lives with her two youngest children and boyfriend. Between school, soccer and basketball, her two

youngest boys of 10 and 14, keep her very busy. Her 23-year-old daughter is a beautiful young woman very artistically talented as well and together they have a

close bond and love for life. 

In addition to her family and photography; Brandi also

hosts a talk radio show on KVGI Radio in Frisco. Her show, The Drive, features women entrepreneurs and women impacting the community. Once she began

meeting so many other amazing women living out their passion, she realized they had one thing in common, Drive. Every week she hopes to share the story of each of

these women she comes in contact with.

Brandi’s work has been featured in Filtered’s Art Gallery, 2 different showcase exhibitions with the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco and the Mayor’s office and Frisco

City Hall. She was also featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine in February 2019. 

In addition to art photography, she does a variety of shoots from individual/family portraits, fashion and marketing. Brandi’s current project, The Passion Project, is something very close to her heart. In using her passion of photography, she hopes to capture the passion of each person she photographs doing what they love and in turn

benefiting several charities. One day, she hopes that many homes and businesses make her photography art a part of their home as well. So that every day, it’s a reminder to everyone to Live Beautifully.

The Art Gallery at Filtered


DONNA CHAMBERS is a member of the Pastel Society of the Southwest, in Dallas, Texas. Her pastels have been in Juried shows throughout Michigan, Indiana and Texas. Texas juried shows include the Richardson Civic Show 2017 and the Frisco “Arts in the Atrium” shows in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The PSSW member show in Grapevine hung her paintings in 2016, 17 and 18. The Keller, TX show 2018, displayed mix media paintings of Acrylic Ink and Pastel and Pastel paintings. In addition, her pastels are currently shown at the Wylie Art Gallery, Wylie TX. and at the Art Gallery at Filtered, a neighborhood coffee shop in McKinney, TX where she curates the art gallery. Most recently, three of her pastels were displayed in the “God’s Abounding Love”, show at the ArtReach Gallery in the Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas, Tx. 

Workshops and classes: In Texas, Donna has presented workshops in Wylie, Texas at Wylie Fine Art Gallery, and Irving Art Association , Jaycee Gallery. Donna has taught private and small group art lessons in pastel, oil and acrylic painting, and welcomes new students.

Previous to her move to Texas, Donna was a practicing psychologist and hypnotherapist in St. Joseph, Michigan. She feels that art is the window to the inner life of people. She has utilized art to help children, teens and adults verbalize their emotions. Art is a non-complex way to access the emotional life, and a creative expression of deep, inner emotions. It brings satisfaction and healing to those who utilize the creativity within themselves. Whether one is an artist or an art lover, art quietly enhances our daily lives with color, perspective and joy.

Peggy Ludwig



Tooty’s Artful Beads

I am a mostly a self taught artist. Coming from a large military family, there was little time and money for the little things in life. However, we traveled a great deal and the wonderful landscapes and animals have filled my mind with great pleasures. Over the years I have dabbled with many fields of the arts: quilting, oil painting, jewelry and beadworks. 

Over the 90’s, I displayed  in  events  in many of the North Texas Juried shows including the Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas. Using oils as my median painting landscapes, and seascapes.

In the late 2000’s I changed my artistic works to handmade jewelry. There are so many fine gem stones with such beauty. Learning not just about their place of origin, but their “Mystical” and “health” benefits.  

In 2018, I won a first place Blue Ribbon in the Texas State fair for my beadwork. Staying with the beads, I have been inspired by “The Art” and nature. 

I am currently displaying my work at the Wylie Fine Art Gallery, in Wylie, Texas. 

I am a member of the Art Gallery at Filtered, McKinney, Texas.

Susan Mardele


SUSAN MARDELE is an artist, poet and musician right here in McKinney, TX.  She finds inspiration in the natural world and in timeless images that evoke a sweet memory.  

Susan also enjoys exploring different media and techniques.  She first worked in oil, charcoal and pencil and more recently began using watercolor for its vibrancy and immediacy.   

Juggling a day job while sharing art and culture with our community defines the passion and drive of this local creative.  

Constance Escalante



Acrylic Artist

Connie is a self-taught mixed media acrylic artist.  She is creating paintings with color and texture in a free-form design. She uses newer products in her paintings, including metallic paints and different mediums for thickening and/or thinning the paints. She loves to “mix” the colors, using overlays of color and contrasting colors to produce her unique paintings.  She textures her paintings in various ways which enhances the visual impact of her work.

Constance was introduced to the arts at a young age by her family who were involved in the performing arts. Their involvement including singing, dancing, musical theater, and even martial arts. She enjoyed watching her maternal figures paint and Connie participated in ceramic making as a child. 

Originally from San Angelo, Tx. Connie lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband and their son. She joined the armed forces and served stateside until her tour of duty was over. Professionally, Connie was a massage therapist and has worked for many years helping others relieve their stress through holistic massage.

Jessica Wright



“I like to explore the world around me.  Capturing the beauty of those explorations with my camera is one of my favorite things. I photograph landscapes, architecture, bodies of water, the ever-changing canvas of the sky and even the crooked smile of a 5 years old child in a family portrait. These moments bring a smile to my heart, I hope my art will bring a smile to you.”  Capture, Photography by Jessica. 

Jessica is a mother of 4 and an athlete who loves to run and explore the world around her. She and her family live in McKinney, Tx.

Facebook: Capture, Photography by Jessica

Magda Plagge



MAGDA PLAGGE works primarily in acrylics and loves to use vibrant color for her abstract paintings. She has been an artist since childhood, using a variety of techniques for her paintings. She is a member of the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco, Tx. Magda lives in Frisco with her husband and two daughters.  She was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. 

Most recently, Magda won an honorable mention for her painting from Frisco Fine Art in the “Art that Speaks to Me” juried show and exhibition, now installed at the Frisco Discovery Center, Frisco, Texas. In addition, Magda’s painting has been accepted for exhibition as one of the pieces of art in “Vibrant Exhibition”, which will run from November 5-Dec 7, 2019.

“Ever since I was very young, I knew I wanted to be an artist, and I was always creating things with materials I found around the house. I finished high school having studied three years of arts and humanities. This gave me a good foundation in art and drove my passion for it even more. I was able to participate in several exhibitions in Mexico during those years. 

  I attended college to study graphic design. After six months, I transferred to a Bible college finishing three years studying theology. While I was studying theology, I still wanted to be an artist. I would walk down to a nearby river to get flat smooth rocks to paint.
When I was 24, I got married and moved to the USA. We lived in different states like Missouri, Arkansas, New York and Texas. God blessed me with two wonderful daughters and an awesome husband that supports me in my passion for painting. After my girls were born, I decided to dedicate myself primarily to raising them and focusing on our home. During that time I continued creating crafts and did a little bit of painting as time allowed. 

It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 when we moved to Frisco, Texas that I began to paint again as a professional artist. I’m currently working as an art teacher aide with preschool and kindergarten age children. I also joined the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco (VAGF) which has given me the opportunity to display my art in different galleries around Frisco and places like City Hall and The Discovery Center. 

My goal is to display my work in more shows and galleries, and continue painting, creating, and enjoying every moment of it.”

Sarah (Sally) Grienwahl



Sally has been drawing and painting most of her life. Art has provided a way for Sally to recreate the natural beauty around her, which  enhances her life and is appreciated by anyone who views her work. She paints with watercolor, oils and pastels. She chooses a medium for each subject which she feels will best showcase that subject.

When Sally works with archeological pieces of pottery, she uses watercolors to recreate the beauty of ancient Native American works of art. She uses oils when she creates seascapes. She enjoys using pastels for landscapes.

Her works have been showcased in several area shows, Wylie Fine Art Gallery, Wylie, Texas. Currently Sally has several pieces of her art in the Art Gallery at Filtered, McKinney Texas. Her original works and prints of some of her works are available for viewing and purchase in the gallery.

When Sally is not creating, she is a Nurse Practitioner. She recently moved to the north Dallas area, and lives in Denton. Professionally, she has been an instructor for Nursing in the Dallas area. She has served in various areas of nursing and currently works for an independent health care service. 

Emily Mayfield



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