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Filtered has hosted and supported local artists for the past 4+ years and we are excited to share more about our newly enhanced gallery and FAM – Filtered Artist Membership program. We have friends, patrons and cultural enthusiasts from a vast number of backgrounds and locations come in and enjoy our many forms of art over a warm craft beverage.  


Meet our Filtered Art Members (FAM) below!

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Sam Rogers

“I try to create visually stimulating images in whatever medium I am working: painting, photography, printmaking. We spend most of our lives communicating and thinking verbally. More attention needs to be given to influences that can be transmitted only visually or tactilely. Much ‘information’ about the world cannot be expressed by strings of words or other symbols.”

Sam Rogers (aka, James Samuel Rogers) grew up on a farm in Nacogdoches County, Texas and acquired all of his formal education in the public schools and universities of Texas. Along the way he received degrees in mathematics and biology. After graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin he joined the biology faculty of the University of New Orleans (UNO), where he remained for thirty-three years. (He and his wife, Jerry, raised two daughters, Susan and Kristen, in New Orleans, a very interesting, and sometimes unsettling, experience.) Over the years, never really having decided what he wanted to be when he grew up, he developed a desire to pursue creative efforts in some area other than science. This eventually lead to a noncredit class in drawing at UNO and classes in drawing, painting and photography at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (a non-degree-granting institution). He probably would still be pursing these interests in New Orleans but for the intervention of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which sent him and his wife back to Texas. After residing in Nacogdoches for a few years, they moved to McKinney to be near their daughters (who had come to North Texas for college and remained) and their two grandsons. Sam eventually discovered the Art House in Mckinney and began studying acrylic painting with K. D. Hafley, which he continues to do. He later began learning the art of printmaking with Lynne Hubner, and continues that as well. This unorthodox path to becoming an artist has had its high points and low points, but he is determined to continue.

Jacob Pettibon

"Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for art, music, photography, and design.  I started developing my skills as an artist when I was 7 years old. Now at the age of 22, I’ve been blessed with personalized art classes for 3 years from a local artist in McKinney Texas. I have two degrees in computer graphic design (print) & business leadership. Digital art is something I have been doing for around 6 months now, and I am still learning different techniques. Filtered provides the perfect setting for me to grow my art skills in a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, Filtered has provided me with a place where I can sell my art to the community.  
I hope you enjoy.
-       Jacob Pettibon  -"

Donna J. Chambers

Donna paints in pastels and oils. Pastels present a full spectrum of hues, lights and darks as well as the ability to produce a variety of textures and strokes with which to create interesting paintings. She has used these techniques to design and produce paintings with such diverse subjects as landscapes, animals and portraits.

Texas: Donna is a member of the Pastel Society of the Southwest, in Dallas, Texas. Her pastels have been in Juried shows Texas in Richardson, 2017, Frisco Arts in the Atrium 2017 and 2018. The PSSW member show in Grapevine hung her paintings in 2016 and 17. The Keller, TX show 2018, displayed mix media paintings of Acrylic Ink and Pastel and Pastel paintings. Her pastels have been shown at the Wylie Art Gallery, Wylie TX. and at Filtered, a neighborhood coffee shop in McKinney, TX.

Donna was a practicing psychologist and hypnotherapist in St. Joseph, Michigan. She feels that art is the window to the inter life of people. She has utilized art to help children and teens verbalize their emotions. Art is a non-complex way to access the emotional life, and a creative expression of deep, inner emotions. It brings satisfaction and healing to those who utilize the creativity within themselves. Whether one is an artist or an art lover, art quietly enhances our daily lives with color, perspective and joy.

Art has always been Donna’s first love. She finds it a creative release and a way to express emotion through color and texture. She utilized art as a therapy tool for her clients and found it to be especially helpful for clients who had difficulty expressing their emotions.

Brandi Mieger

Brandi’s passion with photography began at a young age; however, it was just in the last couple of years, in her early 40’s, when she really began to fall in love with it. Her love for life, her family and the things people usually take for granted are what drives her the most. From every sunset that ends each day with so much color and hope to the black and white photos that remind us of simple raw beauty. With each photograph, she tries to paint the picture of a story through a lens. And to remind everyone to Live Beautifully. @livebeautifullyphotography

Michael Saludares

Michael Saludares is a native Texan artist who lives and works in the DFW area.  Though an engineer by degree and profession, art has always been the outlet for his creative side.   

Michael earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, but always balanced his mathematics and science studies by “dabbling” in art as much as possible through college courses wherever he was living at the time. 

Michael received first place in both the drawing and painting in the annual Swingers of Birches art competition while living in Paris, TX in 2009.  He continues to produce art when commissioned on occasion, including the cover for an upcoming sci-fi book titled Eighteen by Daniel Mignault (  

Regardless of subject matter, Michael’s work incorporates bold and contrasting color, movement, and unique compositions.

Samiha Sharif

Samiha Sharif is a self-taught artist who has worked with clay and acrylic paints since the age of five. Samiha is 20-years-old and is pursuing a bacholors degree in Electrical Engineering. Currently, she is a student at Collin College. She moved to Texas recently and adores the beauty of the state, its people and the inspiration it provides her. For the past two years, she has been experimenting with watercolor and has fallen in love with the fluidity and ease of working with the medium. But, her favorite remains multimedia paintings, such as ones where she uses yarn and clay for texture. She also does henna art and dabbles in polymer clay and loves creating mini figurines.